Makeup Monday: Top 10 Makeup Products Seen on Bravo

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Nothing excites me more than seeing what makeup products are used on our favorite seen on Big Blonde Hair celebs. I also totally get that as exciting as it is to get the inside scoop on what keeps these celebs looking their best it is sometimes super overwhelming to see the amount of beauty products used on the women and figure out which are most important to these makeup artists. So I narrowed down the top 10 most used makeup items that I’ve seen in our most recent posts on Real Housewives makeup.

Trust me you don’t want to miss this list. While we have some cult favorites in the mix, there are some brands/products that I wasn’t even familiar with as a total makeup junkie until I started working at Big Blonde Hair and getting to know the makeup artist’s go-to’s. So with that, Spring is here and it’s just as much a time to refresh your vanity as your wardrobe, or in my case keep filling it up until there’s no room left!

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Top 10 Makeup Products Seen on Bravo

Top 10 Beauty Products

Era Beauty Foundation and Primer

Skin So Flawless Cexy Serum

BECCA Be a Light Face Palette

Shades: Light and Dark

Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

Alexa Persico Cosmetics Brighten Me Baby Highlighter Palette

Becca x Khloe Kardashian & Malika Blush Palette

Sigma Beauty Brow Duo Powder

Rincon Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio

Shade: ‘Peachy Love’

Sleek Cosmetics Precious Charms

Top Tools

Beauty Blender

Morphe Brushes

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