Yes, these boots are such a hit, they get 2 separate posts (Click here for the original)…

There have been a crazy amount of fans upset that Tracy DiMarco’s Ugg Fluff Momma is an older, out of stock style. So I have done my best to find some additional Style Stealers to see if I can get any closer…Mostly because I’ve been trying to hunt down a pair for myself. And I have found their TWIN…Their much cheaper twin. I already ordered mine!

Tracy DiMarco’s White Fur Boots

Style Stealer:

Fluffy Wuffy Snow White Boots (Faux Fur) $59.99

Check out the sizing chart for fit and item info for details, I spoke with the company and they are super nice and together! They have 100% Positive Feedback on eBay as well.

Also Available in TWENTY Additional Colors

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