So, after last week’s post about Tracy DiMarco’s white fur boots was such a hit, I decided I had to catch an episode of Jerseylicious. And I feel like a moron…I write the BIG Blonde Hair Blog and it’s taken me this long to watch this show? It is possible that they spent a good 28 minutes talking about teasing hair. I thought I was the only person who spent that many minutes an hour talking about teasing her. And Tracy DiMarco? Love. “The higher the hair the closer to God” and “I bedazzled my own shoes”? I hear ya girl, you had me at hello.

Tracy DiMarco’s Purple Draped “Kelly Ripa” Dress and Jewelry

Savee Couture Purple Ombre Dress $242.10 from

ENTER FABULOUS10 for 10% Off at

Rings: Jewelry by Donna

*Totally suggest going to her site and checking out her fab bling*

Thank you Ripa’s Fashion Finder for the Info!

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