Did anyone figure out where Ashlee got her buddha bracelet she wore to her birthday? Kristin

  While Ashlee has gotten a tough rap from many this season, here at The Big Blonde Hair Blog we’ve never faulted her, or her style. And her fab Buddah Bracelet is no exception. While I figured this one out awhile ago based on Ashley’s tweets ( I knew there was some reason I was keeping my account open), I wanted to keep you in suspense…Okay, not really, but I did want to wait until I got the full scoop from Candice,  designer of the bold Buddah and Ms. Dazzle Candy herself.

So, without further delay, here’s a look at Ashlee’s Buddah Bracelet and other Dazzle Candy pieces the RHONJ have been showing some major love for this season.

Ashlee Holmes Dinner Party Buddah Beaded Buddah Bracelet

Dazzle Candy Bracelet

Buddah Bracelet by Dazzle Candy $225

Email [email protected] To Order

Lauren Manzo’s Makeup Party Beaded Butterfly Bracelet

Dazzle Candy Bracelet

Dazzle Candy Bracelet“Spread Your Wings” Butterfly Bracelet $75

Email [email protected] to Order

Caroline Manzo’s “See No Evil” Beaded Bracelet

RHONJ Season 1

Dazzle Candy Bracelet“Caroline” by Dazzle Candy

Full Set $300

Email [email protected] to order!

Ashlee Holmes Black Bracelet

Dazzle Candy Bracelet

Ashlee Holmes Black Beaded Dazzle Candy Bracelet $75

*Ashlee wore 2 sets of these in black – Cost is $150 for set*

Email [email protected] to Order

*If you’re interested in the Dazzle Candy styles the other Real Housewives of New Jersey are wearing, visit Dazzle Candy’s Facebook Page for pictures and information…And give them a “Like” while you’re at it.

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