This Monday, we’re changing things up a bit. Gossip Girl fans, Trick or Treat!


Hi, I am Amanda Kuzak from Kuzak’s Closet. I am a professional organizer and blogger based in the San Francisco Bay Area and my love of fashion and wardrobing comes in handy when I am organizing closets for my clients.  Lauren and I went to college together and I am so excited to be sharing some fashion inspiration today on the Big Blonde Hair Blog.

Gossip Girl is one of my guilty pleasures each and every Monday.  It is one of those no-brainer shows that is fun to watch and just unwind when reality television has worn me out.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the reality shows but sometimes I find myself worrying about the characters and stressing out for them.  For instance, when the New Jersey Housewives were having problems with Danielle last season I found myself commenting on Caroline Manzo’s facebook page as if we were friends in real life!  My husband always has to remind me that the housewives are not my real friends and that the shows are taped in advance so their problems have hopefully been worked out, ha!

With Gossip Girl I know I am always in for some fresh drama, great fashion, and cute boys (even though I am 30 and married I can still admit that Chase Crawford is a hottie).  Today I wanted to share some fashion inspiration based on the two main female characters, Serena and Blair.  Serena is played by Blake Lively who has legs for days and perfect hair and Blair is played by Leighton Meester who has the cutest classic figure.  Each character has flawless style of their own, Serena has a very trendy yet glamorous style while Blair’s is more classic and refined.  I find myself wishing I owned pieces from both of their wardrobes because I typically love classic style but from time to time accessorize with trendy items like hats and fun patterns.

Serena’s character is a socialite who spends most of her days lunching with friends and her nights at fundraisers and cocktail parties.  Her daytime staples include leggings, floral mini skirts and bright colored short shorts, tanks, and blazers.  She also loves over sized handbags and jewelry along with scarves and hats.  For evening events she is usually wearing a backless or asymmetrical gown or a glittery cocktail dress.  Here is an inspiration board I created based on her style.  If you would like to recreate her look on your own I would suggest shopping at Forever 21, Vince, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, or Gucci.

Serena Set
Serena Set by kuzakscloset featuring chronograph watches

Blair’s is busy planning her wedding this season (we’ll see if that actually happens).  Her style is much more classic, very much inspired by Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn.  She is typically styled in floral or geometric tops and skirts or sheath dresses during the day.  I find it strange that she rarely wears pants, I could never live without my jeans!  At the evening events she attends she is always styled in the most amazing gowns in pretty jewel tones likes emerald or sapphire.  Here as an inspiration board created based on her looks.  If you love her style and would like to recreate it yourself I would suggest shopping at Kate Spade, Nordstrom, Moschino, or Ann Taylor.

Blair Set
Blair Set by kuzakscloset featuring an orange wool coat

I hope I was able to give you a little Gossip Girl fashion fix with my inspiration boards.  Which character’s style do you like best, are you trendy like Serena or classic like Blair?


Thank you Amanda for taking the time to drop some Gossip Girl knowledge on us today. Don’t forget to check out her blog, Kuzak’s Closet for tips on how to get your life in order and how to organize all of the leopard and feathers in your closet after this season’s RHONJ inspired purchases.

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