Veronica Newell’s Blue Plaid Dress

Dirty John Season 1 Episode 5 Fashion

So here’s some great news, Veronica Newell’s blue plaid dress is really a skirt and top. This is great news because you have at least three outfits if you buy this adorable matching set! Just the top, just the skirt, or wear it together like she does. Another fun fact is about the brand itself. The designers are two sisters-in-law who share the same first name, and once one of the girls got married, they both had the exact same name. Another twist? Their name is Veronica too. Are you dizzy? Don’t worry about it, just hurry and get this outfit, because it’s on sale and will be gone real fast! Also, size up, neither Veronica is very forgiving of American sizes.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Veronica Newell's Blue Plaid Dress

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