Vicki Gunvalson’s White Blazer

August 6, 2018-

By Lauren

Vicki Gunvalson’s White Blazer with Black Collar Meeting with Kelly

Season 13 Episode 4 Real Housewives of Orange County Fashion

Also Seen During Season 14 Episode 9 at Miraval

Vicki Gunvalson’s white blazer with black collar meeting with Kelly is about the only thing these two women can agree on, as they both own it. Based on the previews it looks like it will be an interesting conversation between these Alphas, and I’m interested to see who backs down first. When Kelly tells Vicki respect is earned and Vicki lets here know that she will have respect, we caught a glimpse of how she has been so successful in business.

In my opinion not many women are good at commanding respect because of the way a lot of us are taught to be by society. For me, commanding respect often results in being called the B word or making people mad, it’s a hard skill to learn IMO. So even if Vicki scared the crap out of me when she said that, I found it super impressive. I’m working on the right way to command more respect myself and it’s a very interesting process. While I may never reach Vicki’s level of assertiveness, I know that if I meet her IRL, she’s given me no choice but to respect her. Because based on that eye contact and tone of voice, it’s that or death.

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Vicki Gunvalson's White Blazer with Black Collar

Vicki Gunvalson's White Blazer with Black Collar

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