Becca Kufrin’s Finale Gown

The Bachelorette Finale Season 14 Fashion

Becca Kufrin’s finale gown is a wedding gown and it reminds us that TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! Becca is finally getting engaged!! So who do you think it will be? Do all seasons take this long to get to the end? Actually, where do the runners up that are not the next Bachelor/ette go? And how does Bachelor in Paradise fit in to all of this?! Do the guys end up feeling the way Becca did after she was dumped, or was that a whole Stand alone drama?

And I feel like she is tortured about this decision, but she must have a hunch, right? Between the two boys neither was a winner in my eyes. First I thought that blonde hottie would make it (I also thought that would have been a terrible decision), but then I also loved Jason from the start. Oh well, so long to someone, and I can’t wait to find out who!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Becca Kufrin's Finale Gown

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