Do you know what happened to me when I named my website From that point on I couldn’t let my hair be anything but fabulous. For that reason, I am always looking for the latest and greatest products to keep my hair looking glam.  For this very reason, I am loving my Wrapadoo.

Truth: When I first laid eyes on my Wrapadoo, I simply looked at is as a convenient and cute product that would help absorb the water in my hair post shower and that I would use a few times and forget about. And this time I was totally wrong. Editors Note: Please do not get used to me admitting I am totally wrong.

Wrapadoo 1

Here are my favorite benefits of my new little friend, the Wrapadoo.

  • Easy to Use: I don’t do flat hair, and I certainly don’t do directions. This is why I was totally psyched that the Wrapadoo is easy to do. Check out a familiar face, Heather Dubrow, doing a step by step tutorial on how easy this product is to use here.
  • Quick and gentle drying: I have extensions so I am constantly making sure they don’t get tangled and that I put as little heat on them as possible. The Wrapadoo enables me to put my hair up in a way to avoid tangling and provides extra absorption so I am under the heat of a hair dryer less.
  • Keeps my big blonde hair out of the way: Major problem in my superficial little life?  My sunless tanning application being ruined with water from my dripping hair after a shower. The Wrapadoo is the perfect way to keep my hair off of my shoulders while applying my fave bronzing solution, avoiding the water drips I would get with a pony tail.
  • Sustaining curl and bounce at night: Since my business is built off of the notion of big, blonde hair, waking up with a flat mane is what nightmares are made of.  Wrapping already curled hair up in my Wrapadoo before bed keeps curl and bounce in my hair much better than simply sleeping with it in a bun (my old method).
  • The Cute Factor: The Wrapadoo is so much cuter than walking around with a boring towel continuously falling off my head. And while I do get a few odd looks from the hubby, this only further proves that fact that it is totally girly and cute! Bling, girly colors and animal print?! Need I say more?

Summary: Wrapadoo is a definite DO.

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