Yolanda Foster’s White Cropped Ankle Zip Jeans

January 27, 2013-

By Lauren

Over the past few weeks I’ve learned that if If Yolanda Foster has it, you want it.  ALL of you. And that means I’m finding it. Or else.

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Yolanda Foster’s White Crop Ankle Zip Jeans

Yolanda Foster White Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans

Yolanda Foster White Jeans

Genetic Denim James Crop Skinny JeanYolanda Foster White Jeans Genetic Demin James Crop Skinny Jean SALE $59.99

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  1. Becky Franklin says

    I love your website. I look for it every Tuesday morning to see what you have found far all of us HW of Beverly Hill. I want to know where and who every outfit Yolanda is wearing. What brand is the blue trurtleneck Yolanda wore at lunch with Suzane Sumers?

  2. Barb says

    Any idea about the camel strappy shoes she wore in the episode at Mohammed’s house wearing these white jeans with the blue sweater? Great site!

    • Love the Housewives says

      I loved her white Capri leggings she wore when helping her daughter move in NY. I need super tight leggings so my cellulite won’t show (even tho I’m a size 4, I’m 57 and sag!!!!). Any ideas or recommendations?

  3. Leslie Ange says

    I love the ballet flats that Yolanda wears. She has them in several colors and I’ve searched everywhere trying to find the brand but have had no luck. Do you know what brand ballet flats she wears?

  4. Ana A says

    Has anyone had any luck buying these? Seems they are from a while ago and thus sold out EVERYWHERE…I’m lusting over these pants so badly

  5. Amanda says

    Hello, does anyone know the brand of red/burdundy colored waxed coated denim/jeans she wears in her xmas decorating video? she also wears the same pair in the episode where she is at the guess photo shoot wiht her daughter Gigi. I want these so badly!!

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