Yolanda Foster’s White Season 4 Finale Dress

March 10, 2014-

By Lauren

On tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, things get a little tense, as can be expected on any Real Housewives Season 4 Finale. What isn’t expected? Yolanda Foster having to get tough with Ken. But somehow, even in the midst of a fight, Yolanda Foster still manages to keep it classy in her white panelled dress.

Yolanda Foster’s White Season 4 Finale Dress

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      • Aneta says

        I know this has been question of so many people, previously on you blog, where is Yolanda’s gold bracelet (the one with few circles)from? And this season she also got gold neclace matching the bracelet. I looked all over internet and can’t find anything on it. Would you happen to know?

  1. mabel says

    Does anyone know what pale pink lipstick Yolanda usually wears? On episode 13 she is sitting at her vanity table in her green shirt applying this lipstick when she receives a text from Lisa canceling last minute from her art/crafts painting get-together….
    It’s not any of the lipsticks she mentions on her interview with bigblondehair.

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