Abby Huntsman’s Plaid Top

The View September 13, 2018 Fashion

Abby Huntsman’s plaid top was giving me magical Dorothy vibes. With the puff sleeves and sparkles and whimsical neckline, it lightened up a difficult show to listen to. I am in a show every year where lawyers put together a musical parody of local and government politics and other topics, and this year there is a Wizard of Oz medley I’m in. They asked me to wear some fabulous version of ruby slippers and I was like, “uh, I think I can find something”. The show gives us the chance to get into awesome costumes and let off some steam after our frustrating jobs. You’d be surprised how much steam we have to let off! It’s the best three months of my year and I’m super excited for the season to start. This year it will be “Big Little Laws.” Clever and timely, see?

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Abby Huntsman's Plaid Top

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