Kelly Ripa’s Sleeveless Midi Dress

Live with Kelly and Ryan September 13, 2018 Fashion

Kelly Ripa’s sleeveless midi dress is the retro color of the season. Seriously, from any store from Neiman’s to Zara, its brown all around. Kelly opted for this shaped dress because she’s “pitting out” in sleeves (as talked about yesterday, link below), because she is drinking bulletproof coffee. I do not understand this trend, but apparently it is making Kelly “jacked,” which is true but I think has just always been true.

We saw a little video clip of Kelly practicing for the human wrapping world record. It was a little heartbreaking to see all that paper on the floor. I love wrapping paper and I love it so much that I don’t even use it. “Oh this is too nice for that person,” I think to myself. So you know I love you if you have a very well wrapped gift. And when her dog curled up in a ball on the paper? I mean, that’s exactly what my Moemoe does on anything from dirty underwear to a clean duvet and tax paperwork.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Kelly Ripa's Sleeveless Midi Dress

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