Alexis Rose’s Silver Sequin Dress on Schitt’s Creek

February 3, 2018-

By Lauren

Alexis Rose’s Silver Sequin Dress on Schitt’s Creek Visiting Elmdale College

Season 4 Episode 2 Schitt’s Creek Fashion

Alexis Rose’s silver sequin dress visiting Elmdale college reminds me a bit of my own college attire. While my friends were off studying at Michigan and Michigan State I opted for a small, private, conservative yet called a liberal arts school in a small town in Michigan that I may not have fit in very well with the student body of (in one of life’s big WTF moves). Most of the campus opted for more conservative looks, however my bestie and I opted for sequins and mini skirts at the bar, which was definitely one way to get attention (I won’t say if it was negative or positive, you can decide). And while I did ultimately make a few close friends there, we will see if Alexis has the same fate in Elmdale. If not, I definitely think she should apply for a semester abroad. I’m totally sure there’s a perfect program for her in Ibiza.

Alexis Rose's Silver Sequin on Schitt's Creek

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  1. Gabi says

    Trying to find the earrings that Alexis Rose wore in Season 4, episode 4(Girls Night Out) – little crystal drop earrings she wears with black dress when she is out at the bar and episode 5 (RIP Moira Rose) – blue beaded earrings she wears with white dress at the farm. Thank you!

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