Alexis Rose’s Silver Sequin Dress on Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek Season 5 Episode 3 Fashion

Alexis Rose’s silver sequin dress on this week’s episode of Schitt’s Creek had me at hello…or as “Ro-lahnd” would probably say, bonjour. It’s fun, sparkly, and probably more appropriate for a night of partying than a day on the job with a “V-VIP” guest, but whatevs. I also love how she brought back her iconic “A” necklace from last season, which fyi is still in stock (deets below)!

I love how we got to see Alexis take her PR career to the next level in this episode by trying to generate some good press for the Rosebud. Now if only the company who made her dress paid her for all the promotion she’s done for them on the show, she’d probably be able to wear it next dancing on tables in Ibiza.



Alexis Rose's Silver Sequin Dress

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