Original Post 2.26.2010

On this cold February Friday, I’d like to leave you some thoughts to ponder at your desks. Is anyone else out there thinking what I do, I often wonder? After seeing this in writing, my guess is others may have more pressing issues to think about, but at least I won’t get wrinkles at a young age!

Am I now too old to shop at Forever 21? I first began to wonder this as I wandered down the aisles looking for “maternity clothes” at the retailer at age 27. Was it too late to be wondering this? Were there 13 year olds snickering as I took my customary 15 pieces into the dressing room? I pulled my shirt looser to cover my baby bump to disguise the status of my uterus and age. If Forever 21 lives by the same rules as Seventeen magazine did, I should have started shopping there at age 9 and stopped at 15. Like Lynn on Real Housewives of OC being better off not knowing her facelift left her looking like a dear in the headlights, I think I would rather be blissfully ignorant on this one.

Why did Facebook kill MySpace? I use Facebook on a daily basis, but only because MySpace bombed. What do I miss so much about MySpace? Here are my top 5 – 1-I miss having my favorite Lil Wayne song playing when people view my profile 2- I miss my black background with hot pink flashing hearts 3- I miss ranking people based on how good of friends we are, and knocking their asses off when they wrong me 4- I miss creepy, cyber guys hitting on me via random search 5- I miss the ability to post my fave You Tube clip on my page. Bottom line, MySpace allowed people to express more about who they are, so why did everyone jump on the boring blue and white Facebook action.

Is Scott Disick is the new Spencer Pratt?- As the Hills takes a backseat to other reality show heavyweights we are seeing a bit less of our least favorite reality villan, Spencer Pratt. Just as I began to enjoy it, the Kardashian empire has strengthened and now the equally annoying Scott Disick has taken over where Spencer left off. Although Scott isn’t quite as evil, he is equally irritating and douchy.

In that same chain of thought…Why Twitter? I already see what you are thinking on your Facebook status message, why do I need to see it again on Twitter?

When will Uggs go away? All I ever hear people talk about it is how ugly Uggs are. If they are so terrible, why have we been wearing them for SO many years? Is it really a sign that deep down we are practical enough to ACTUALLY buy and wear a boot for functionality and not style?

What is the next big trashy, out of LA trend to follow up Ed Hardy? By the time I was ready to jump on the Ed Hardy bandwagon, it was littered all over the floor at my local TJ Maxx. As a lover of anything tattooed or bedazzled, what will be the next LA inspired trend I can get into before its ruined by Jon Gosselin? These styles are often laughable after a few months, so I need to know immediately. I was ahead of the curve on Von Dutch (recall?), so why can I not seem to get it again?

And I’m out, before my brain explodes ;-)….Enjoy your weekend!!!!