Continuing on with the holier than thow advice giving, I’ve decided to do a mailbag one day a week because I have lovely readers asking me questions and leaving comments that warrent advice that I feel might be relevant to others! I am so flattered! I guess my 4 years of hauling garment bags in the fashion got me SOME respect, even if some of my bosses didn’t give me any:-)!

Dear Big Blonde Hair Blogger,

So I am going on a tropical vacation in 7 days and am trying to get some new clothes, cute outfits etc…..Can I wear white cropped pants in Hawaii this early in the year? I mean it’s before Memorial Day and all but I thought that rule applied to shoes and I know we don’t really have to follow the rules anymore! I just wondered your expert fashion opinion:).


Cropped Pants in Kauai

Dear Cropped Pants in Kauai (OR White Pants in Wailea ???) ,

First, I have to warn you that you are asking a chick in hot pink, cropped sweatpants with baby vomit in her hair for fashion advice, BUT I would say go for it with the white cropped pants. I think the white rule is out the door in the tropics, and quite frankly, I dont know as it applies here in the contenental US anymore either, within reason of course (as in don’t wear the pants to work when you return from Hawaii for at least a fews months). I spend entirely too much time watching the fashion shows (E! Fashion Police etc.) reviewing the celebs at the award shows, and people are wearing white dresses in the winter etc. , Hawaii, and many other resort destinations are so casual too, so I say there is nothing wrong with it! Have a fantastic vacation and I hope this gets you leid on your vacay :-)!


The BBHBer

I would also like to offer up a response to the following comment posted in response to my Jegging blog entry.

“Stop trying to force me into skinny pants. I’m glade you had your baby and can get into them but some of us still have the humpty dumpty appearance, baby or not.”

First of all, I am sure you do not look like humpty in these pants…Second, I know you live in the sunshine in Flo-rida and congrats on being smarter than many of us and moving to a warm climate, but we pretty much have been forced to wear these skinny pants in the Midwest to avoid dragging our pants in the snow. Perhaps we can all come stay with you and wear some wider leg styles over our flip flops….

HOWEVER I do wish to offer you an alternative. I am LOVING the Seven for All Mankind Ginger Pant in Stretch Denim, Mercer Wash.


As I mentioned, I am in love, love, love with this pant. It’s dark wash, stretch denim and wide leg offer a flattering look to those who feel their body is not skinny jean friendly. Even stylist to the celebs, Rachel Zoe, opts for this pant over skinny jeans (which she also hates) and she’s got to be a size zero.

Do like Rachel and pair them with a heel and a cute blazer, if you want extra coverage, and you are good to go. Just be weary of super flowy tops with a wider pant like this, it can add pounds.

So there….