I am officially declaring myself important enough to think that people care about what I am saying enough to have a blog. Everyone else is doing it, why not me? I find that everytime I post a status update on Facebook about fashion, I get comments, so I am running with it. I used to make my living full time in the apparel industry and now do freelance work, so I have an insider look at what’s hot…and what’s not.

This blog will be devoted to wearable, usable fashion. Whether I’m posting links to great fashion pieces at great prices, telling you where your favorite Real Housewife got her fab dress or talking about the most inexpensive, best brand of hair extensions, I will offer up tips to fashionistas on a budget. I also will cover other topics that are of interest to the shallow…Celeb gossip, trashy reading, pop music…The good stuff.

I live in Chicago and am from Detroit, so this won’t be a pretentious, fake New York or LA blog. No Dolce & Gabbana (I love it, but have I ever owned it?) I love fashion…BUT I eat deep dish pizza as opposed to eating ice and smoking a pack a day.

Give me comments, ideas, questions…I would love to hear it all!

Original Post: March 2009