Superbowl XLIV, the most exciting Superbowl for women and E! executives in recent history, pits Kim K’s BF Reggie Bush, against Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson’s husband and baby daddy.  As much as I would love to write and entire blog on how awesome Reggie Bush looks in his uniform (he isn’t the only one with a famous booty in that relationship) let’s get down to business, as I predict the winner of Realitybowl…I mean Superbowl…XLIV through thorough analysis of facts and statistics.

Category Kim Kendra Winner
Reason for Fame  Reality show, Big A*s & Sex Tape  Reality show, sleeping with an 80 year old, bearing it all for Playboy  Kendra- Deserves something for sleeping with 80 year old for years 
Style  Kim sports a sexy style with the latest, up to date fashion   Kendra takes more of a sporty spice approach, in a sexy way  Kim –If the Kardashian’s have one thing, it’s style 
Sig Other On the Field  Reggie Bush – Heisman Trophy winner, key player on the Saints  Hank – Recently released by the Eagles, Back up player on the Colts  Kim- Reggie definitely is a bigger on field talent 
Sig OtherAttractiveness  Reggie is a total hottie – Please see photo above  Hank is the cute, nice guy type  Kim – Again, see above 
Sig OtherPersonality  Reggie seems like a good guy, but we all know what athletes that attractive (as well as not attractive) are capable of (Tiger Tiger Woods Ya’ll). From what I’ve seen on “Kendra”, Hank is the nicest guy ever, a great husband and a great father…Not your typical NFL player  Go Kendra- Hank is a score in the husband department 
Body  Famous booty and awesome curves  Tight body, great abs (she will get them back post baby!), fake boobs  Tie – How could we pick??? I’d take either 
Personality  Seems ok, somewhat spoiled, loves a cat fight with her sisters  Former wild child seems to have settled down into being a good wife and good mom  Kendra – Went from naked to nurturing in no time 
Ex- Boyfriends  Hef – CREEPY  Ray J – CREEPY (has anyone caught For The Love of Ray J? Gross!)  Tie- It’s a toss up between the gross old man and gross young man 
Reality Shows Lots of attention grabbing antics, Kardashian fighting, million dollar weddings Kendra acting goofy, making less than intelligent comments, learning about being a wife and a mom Kim- Love ya Kendra, but watching a scripted Kardashian fight and a million dollar wedding cannot be beat


Kim:   6      Kendra:   5

Winner: Kim…I mean the Saints!

Tune in Sunday to see the drama (game) unfold and don’t forget to catch my fave Superbowl tradition, “The Puppy Bowl” on Animal Planet at the half!