Annaliese Puccini’s Blue Dress on After the Final Rose

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 After the Final Rose

So Annaliese Puccini’s blue dress on After the Final Rose comes in six colors. One of them is white and I am SO glad she didn’t choose that color. I mean, between us, we all knew this wasn’t happening right? I was suffocating watching her with Kamil. She’s a very sweet girl but he was not feeling it and that was sort of clear to me. Poor girl though, she definitely didn’t deserve what she got. At least she looked gorgeous and has the body of a goddess.

Annaliese will find another man. There are guys out there that are overly affectionate and need constant attention. Kamil seemed to independent for that, and turns out that was right.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Annaliese Puccini's Blue Dress on After the Final Rose

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