Kendall Long’s Purple After the Final Rose Dress

Bachelor in Paradise After the Final Rose Fashion

Kendall Long’s purple After the Final Rose dress was definitely a stunner. The cutout maxi dress showed off her insane bod, which I’ll bet Joe missed during their separation time. Kendall went to Chi town (the best town) to beg Joe’s forgiveness and get it back. I’m shocked to say it worked, because I had a feeling girls in Chicago have been falling over themselves to get some attention from him. But he stayed true to Kendall and is now a dancer on Dancing with the Stars, which is definitely out of the box for him!

Joe quickly became a fan favorite. I think he’s the most attractive person on the show, I’m still confused how Becca let that go so fast. But his personality is too soft spoken to be the Bachelor, so I think that having him dance will be rather entertaining. We will see where it goes with Kendall, but Joe is definitely a winner.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Kendall Long's Purple After the Final Rose Dress

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Photo Credit: Bachelor in Paradise Instagram

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