At this point, the world is well aware of just how much the Real Housewives love their bling, and I’m baffled at how my spell check still dares to hi-light “Swarovski”! But who knew that some of the Housewives are blingin’ for a good cause, like Real Housewives of Orange County Alexis Bellino and Peggy Tanous, with their Swarovski Expressions of Hope Rings?

Holly Freese was inspired to start Expressions of Hope by the writings of her best friend’s husband, Mike Kacynski, during the final 3 months of his battle with cancer. Mike was also a father and an inspiration, and each ring name is dedicated to pieces of his writing. $5 from each ring sold is donated to a cancer foundation, including The Jimmy V Foundation.

Make a difference by buying a ring and supporting Holly’s cause. It’s as easy as skipping one night out for martini’s. Just think, the rings even brought Alexis and Peggy back together…Well together in the same post anyhow.

Alexis Bellino in Expressions of Hope Swarovski Black Cowboy Ring

Black Cowboy Swarovski Ring $40


Alexis Bellino in Expressions of Hope Swarovski Pink Patience Ring at Fox 5 San Diego

Pink “Patience” Ring $40


Peggy Tanous’s Baby Pink Expression of Hope Ring

(okay, well, her hand)


Visit for additional colors and options to customize your own ring


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