Last night I had a fab time at the Brittney Spears Femme Fatale concert in Chicago, as I always do at a show put on by Ms.Spears. She’s like my Cher – My BFF Erica and I vowed that we will be in Vegas at age 70 dancing to “Womanizer” in the front row of her show. My biggest challenge of the night, however, aside from trying not to look like my legs were broken while dancing to “Toxic”, was finding a concert appropriate outfit that made me look good, but not like I was trying to rival Brittney for attention. And I’d lock myself in my house for a year if anyone was able to spot that I was the only mom in the group. So, I decided to leave the sequin bra and hot-pants at home (trust me, not everyone made that decision, which made for fab people watching…) and opt for the look below.

I thought I came up with a win, as did a really drunk guy outside of The Paris Club post-concert, who told me my outfit was “nice. I’m sure he was totally an editor at Vogue who had a few too many dirty martini’s. So that confirms it. And if you like it, you can have it…on sale.

LinQ Harlow Racerback Dress $168 Revolve

*SALE Harlow Racerback Dress $99*

Side note: I am a huuuge fan of dresses by LinQ, a line that embodies LA style by being sexy and comfortable but not overly dressy. It is a fave of celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson and Jessica ALba. On this specific style, the overlay in the front and rouching in the back reallly work to cover up the fact that you may have eaten too much for dinner or haven’t been hitting the gym lately! I was lucky enough to get mine as a sample at a very low price, but the $99 deal gives it a run for it’s money!

On My Ears

Ali Oesch Feather Earrings $32

Style Stealer:

LinQ Fringe Dress $63


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