Some famed rivalries are seemingly tales as old as time. The Montagues vs The Capulets. Coke vs Pepsi. Erika vs Dorit. And finally, the Gucci Logo belt vs the Hermes logo belt. And while in this case you can actually choose both and win, Sally and I have taken it upon ourselves to  share which item we’d spend on (and by that I mean, already have) and why in this week’s Blonde vs. Brunette.

 Blonde vs Brunette: Gucci or Hermes Logo Belt?

The Brunette Says:

So if you asked me at this moment “Gucci vs. Hermes Belt?” I would say Gucci because I’m obsessed with everything they are doing right now and I wear all of my outfits around my medium sized GG belt. My mother in law just had to replace hers because her pup Pepper chewed hers up, so now they both have a Gucci belt to add to their enviable closets! I feel like Pepper and LVP’s Giggy would get along really well.

That being said, the Hermes belt has been around since the dark ages as far as I know and is the cherry on top of every outfit it has touched. There are a few things to love: First, you can get a reversible one in two colors of your choosing, so for the steep price it’s a two-for-one. Second, you can get a ‘belt kit’ and pick out a belt out of literally hundreds of combinations (leather color, metal color, metal style, etc.). That’s why you see so many unique belts! Third, depending on what you like, it can be more understated than the big “GG” that we are loving right now, so Gucci may come and go but this will stay around forever. Fourth, you can find a ton of gently used ones so you don’t have to pay the steep price! That being said, it is definitely more expensive than the Gucci belt and certainly not in as high demand (get on that waitlist people!). So there really is no loser on this one!

Keep it Real,
Sally xo
Hermes Logo Belt

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The Blonde Says:

 Well, to start, when it comes to accessories I’m a label whore. For example, once upon a time my husband went to Neiman Marcus to pick out a Valentines Day gift for me (to preface, I said I needed nothing for Valentines Day for weeks, but after some extremely frowned upon behavior the night prior to heart day he ended up making an emergency trip) and the sales woman lead him to a bag and said “Get this for her, there is no label, but “fashion girls” will know what it is.” My husband replied “She wants everyone to know what it is” and then they moved on. And he was right. I mean, I cover Real Housewives fashion for a living for Christs sake, and that’s not exactly the picture of conspicuous. And since I don’t have an unlimited budget if I’m going to spend on something, you’d better be able to tell.

 I work haaaarrrrd for my money, like we all do. If I’m going to splurge on a fashion item it’s almost always on an accessories and I LOVE a good logo belt. Until this year, my uniform during the majority of my 30’s has been my “H” logo belt, a tee—often with a blazer on top—and either distressed skinny jeans or cutoffs on the bottom. And while I do COMPLETELY agree with Sally on the staying power of the “H” belt, the range of belts Gucci is offering right now offers a more “affordable” (albeit trendy, as Gucci belts have been around for a very long time, they just change up the “GG” font) alternative with some under $400. And Gucci is having a MAJOR MOMENT right now.

 In addition, the GG belt has a special place in my fashion history. Back when I was 23 I had my first job in women’s clothing wholesale, and I worked with a woman named Lisa at one of the clothing lines I was a rep for (she now owns a basics company called Shine It’s Your Time ). During my first work trip to New York I first spotted her in a white tee, jeans and a Gucci belt, which was her signature style and really inspired by own moving forward! At 23 I could have never even thought of buying her GG belt, but I knew I loved her style and I one day wanted to.

 So all of this being said, at this moment in time, I love my Gucci belt and all of the new, fresh styles they are offering. I think it’s something that you can buy now, wear now and sell it on The Real Real if it goes out of style, or save it to hand down to your daughter because although, it might not be in style consecutive years in a row, it’ll come back like they all do.

Gucci Logo Belt
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