Veronika Obeng’s Floral Romper on Second Wives Club

Second Wives Club Season 1 Episode 2 Fashion

Veronika Obeng’s Floral romper on Second Wives Club at Katie Cazorla’s mermaid party reminded us that with eight kids, a public affair, and a full time job (not including the kids), the supermom always looks like she has no kids, blissful joy, and her full time job is looking good. Check out the tunic she rocked in the first episode of the season here. Season 1 episode 2 didn’t let us down in terms of the fashion promises we have come to expect. This affordable summer staple should be a lesson to us all. No matter what you’re going through you should always look FIERCE doing it. I mean, I wear sweatpants all day every day and have no children, so Veronika, thanks for the lesson (and the shame). Sadly, the front tie, cold shoulder black floral romper is sold out but we have provided you with pretty solid alternatives below.

Keep it Real,

Sally xo

Veronika Obeng's Floral Romper

Nasty Gal Garden of Good and Evil Romper (S/O)

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