Brandi Glanville’s neon pink dress at Kim’s daughter’s graduation party was a total win. In fact, if I was a high school chick, I’d be super mad that someone twice my age looks twice as hot as me. Or ended up throwing up in the bathroom, twice as early as I did.

Brandi Glanville’s Hot Pink Strappy Dress at Kim’s Daughter’s Graduation Party

Pink Strappy Dress by Jennifer Hope

Brandi Glanville Hot Pink Strappy Back Dress

Pink Dress by Jennifer Hope

Jennifer Hope Serena Dress in Pop Pink Available Here

Serena Bareback Sweetheart Dress – Cobalt (Available Here)

Serena Bareback Sweetheart Dress – White (Available Here)


Serena Bareback Sweetheart Dress – Nude Available Here

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