Brandi Redmond’s Silver and Black Sequin Confessional Look

Real Housewives of Dallas Season 5 Episode 3 Fashion

Brandi Redmond’s silver and black sequin confessional dress is a cute and fun piece for the occasion. And since we’re on the topic of Brandi, I have to say, the way she and Tiffany Moon have come together for her to process and learn from her racially insensitive actions is powerful to watch.

Brandi seems truly remorseful, and if all Bravolebs and celebs could have these feelings after they majorly screw up, I think I’d have a lot more empathy for them. And then for Tiffany to take the time to educate her on what she’s dealt with allowed the rest of us to see a very important conversation that a lot of us learned from.  It shows that connecting with each other can really be a way to start to solve and repair a lot of problems with racism and discrimination. I’m not an expert of the topic, but this feels like one of the more legit starts to very important change and healing in the history of Bravo.


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Brandi Redmond's Silver and Black Sequin Confessional Look

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