D’Andra Simmons’ Smocked Printed Top Meditating

Real Housewives of Dallas Season 5 Episode 3 Fashion

I recognized D’Andra Simmons’ smocked printed top meditating because we previously reported on Audrina Patridge wearing it on The Hills: New Beginnings. Though it wasn’t an instant light bulb for me as it’s been awhile since THNB aired. What I did recognize immediately? Trying to relax or meditate and not even being able to get a moment of silence, even from the dog, for it. I’ll most likely have to wait until my kids are 18 for that. So in the meantime, I think some shopping will really help me relax…


The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair

Also Seen on Audrina Patridge: 

Audrina Patridge's Printed Off the Shoulder Top

D'Andra Simmons' Smocked Printed Top

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