Brianna Barnes’ Red Off the Shoulder Dress

The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 1 Fashion

As far as Brianna Barnes’ red off the shoulder dress goes, she won in that category. That said, let’s talk for a second about first impressions. Lying to the person you’re trying to marry right off the bat is definitely an odd strategy. Everyone is a sucker for accents, myself included. But like, did the scandal need to start as soon as she stepped foot in front of Colton? I don’t know, he seems sort of gullible to me but I think that he wouldn’t like being lied to. That said, who knows. These shows confuse me and never turn out the way I think. I’m voting for the sloth. So she will probably be kicked out tonight.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Brianna Barnes' Red Off the Shoulder Dress

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