Demi Burnett’s Yellow Lace Two Piece Dress

The Bachelor Season 23, Episode 1 Fashion

Demi Burnett’s yellow lace two peice dress on tonight’s season premier of The Bachelor was youthful and fun. You know what else is youthful? Demi’s Instagram name. If any of you are millennials or above, you may feel really old in a minute. But I came to discover that Demi’s instagram handle is @Demi_not_Lovato. A raise of hands please of those of you who would go to “Lovato” instead of “Moore” when you hear the name Demi? Man that made me feel old. I still thing Demi Lovato is a strong talented beautiful warrior goddess, but lets face it, so is the OG Moore. We will is if this Demi fits the name.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Demi Burnett's Yellow Lace Two Piece Dress

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