Brittany Cartwight’s Denim Cold Shoulder Shirt Dress

Season 6 Episode 14 Vanderpump Rules Fashion

Brittany Cartwright’s denim cold shirt dress was totally torn up, but the distress looks much better on her body than on her relationship. I think it’s great her girl’s took her our to remind her that she’s totally hot and she’s not stuck with Jax if she doesn’t want to be. However, word to the wise, I’d be careful if I was crossing Jax on camera based on his normal revenge tactics. Brit really is an amazing person based on the way she’s able to be friends with both “Stassi’s Crew” and “Team Ariana”, I don’t know as anyone else has really been able to tow that line for quite as long as she has. And let me tell you, if they go after Brittany, I give up because that means there is absolutely no one on earth that can get along with that whole crew at all times. One earth. Anywhere.

Brittany Cartwight's Denim Cold Shoulder Shirt Dress

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