Lindsay Hubbard’s Strapless Cutout Dress

Summer House Season 2 Episode 8 Fashion

Lindsay Hubbard’s strapless cutout dress was as ideal as it gets for Hubbana Nights! I loved the party, I loved the theme, and I loved the attire. Want to know what else I’ll love (and you too?), the price of this. The Summer House cast is the most real group of people you’ll see on Bravo. They share their style secrets, makeup secrets, and fashion secrets and we love it. Plus, it’s usually super affordable.

Here’s the snag. Not all of us have the same banging body is Lindsay. They are all freaks of nature to be drinking and eating and not gaining a pound. I used to be able to do that (that’s a lie), and then I hit 30 and those 5 pounds just don’t come off the way they did. So is the secret no eating in NYC? I doubt it. NYC has pretzel stands…

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Lindsay Hubbard's Strapless Cutout Dress

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Credit: Lindsay Hubbard’s Instagram