Cameran Eubanks’ Navy Blue & White Striped Blazer Talking to her Therapist

on Season 3 Episode 7 of Southern Charm

I totally respect Cameran Eubanks’ for talking to her therapist about whether or not she should have a kid on last night’s Southern Charm. I can totally relate, as I had those feelings when I found out I was pregnant my first, granted it was a bit late for me. But now pulling the trigger on my second 6 years later, I’m definitely scared of similar things, including a big lifestyle change. After all, having a kid (or kids) is definitely not for everyone, no matter what society says, and it’s hard being a woman who hasn’t dreamed about it your whole life. So here’s to hoping she doesn’t give in to pressure and does what feels right to her and when—like she did when she bought her cool nautical striped knit blazer.

Read more about my personal struggle with this topic here

Cameran Eubanks wearing a navy blue and white striped blazer by Forever 21

Forever 21 Nautical Striped Blazer

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