Kathryn Dennis’ Clear Baby Crib

on Season 3 Episode 7 of Southern Charm

As someone who is (procrastinating) about putting together my baby’s nursery with due date rapidly approaching I’m constantly looking extra hard nursery decor and ideas of of what to put in ours. So when I saw Kathryn Dennis’ cool, clear crib I had to check into it. And when I did, I found out a couple things. 1) While I was drawing inspo from Kathryn, she drew her inspo from Kim, Kanye, Jay Z and Bey, as they both have used this crib from their little ones. 2) That I missed the boat when it went on sale for $250 in 2014 and now it’s available for just about $4250 more than I’d like to spend 😉

Kathryn Dennis' Clear Baby Crib on Southern Charm

Kathryn Dennis' Clear Crib

Nursery Works Vetro Crib Available Here

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