Wondering what brand curling. Iron Carole Radzwill was using … It was bit and white… Not familiar with this brand? Her waves always look so good! Please advise. Lisa D via Big Big Blonde Hair on Facebook

While I tend to think that I own an amazing curling iron (below) Lisa is right, Carole does have some good waves.  And if you’ve never owned a good curling iron, your hair doesn’t know what it’s missing…And it should.  So if you can’t afford Carol’s you most definitely need to get your hands on mine, you will not believe the difference if you hair has only seen drugstore brand.

Carol Radziwill’s Curling Iron in the Berkshires

Carol Radziwill's Curling Iron in the Berkshires

Carol Radziwill's White Curling Iron T3

T3 Body Wave Curling Iron

T3 BodyWaver 1.75″ Professional Curling Iron Available Here

My Go-To Curling Iron:

Jilbere Porcelain Curling Iron

Jilbere Porcelain Spring Curling Iron 1 1/2 inch Available Here

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