Caroline Stanbury’s Round Pearl Embellished Sunglasses

Ladies of London Instagram Fashion

Caroline Stanbury’s round pearl embellished sunglasses on Instagram with Sophie Stanbury and Caroline Flemming gave us major nostalgia. I miss the Ladies of London so much! It was an incredible show, and this just reminded me of that. And although I got to hang out with Juliet last year thanks to Lauren, watching them together on TV is like nothing else. These three beauties together were truly stunning, but lets face it, these sunglasses kind of stole the show! And if you read the comments on this photo, it’s full of “bring back Ladies of London!” I have a feeling it will get resurrected one way or another.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Caroline Stanbury's Round Pearl Embellished Sunglasses

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Photo Credit: Caroline Stanbury’s Instagram

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