Padma Lakshmi’s Black Power Shoulder Jumpsuit

Top Chef Restaurant Wars Season 16 Episode 5 Fashion

Admittedly I’ve never even watched an episode of Top Chef, mostly because I try to stay away from cooking, but I am a follower of Padma Lakshmi on social media as I admire her as a woman who takes risks and encourages other women to do so. As I was flipping through channels last night I stumbled across her in this amazing power shoulder jumpsuit—you know I love a shoulder pad AND a menswear inspired look—that puts Zhivago’s shoulder pads to shame! And since I like a woman who takes a risk in life, and in fashion, I definitely feel that this deserved a second look. With that, I’m about to go coach some 8 years olds on the basketball court after two weeks of holiday break and trust me, that’s the biggest risk I’ll be taking today…Lord help me.

The Realest Housewife,

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Padma Lakshmi's Black Power Shoulder Jumpsuit

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