Cary Deuber’s Heart Pajamas in Copenhagen

Season 3 Episode 13 Real Housewives of Dallas Fashion

Cary Deuber’s heart pajamas in Copenhagen really captured our hearts – and we’re assuming hers too, considering this is the girl who has claimed to usually sleep naked. Now whether Cary actually slept in them remains a question, we’re just glad they got the camera time they deserved while she was getting ready for dinner with D’Andra. Let’s all skål to the fact that they’re still in stock in very size!

I have to say props to Cary for being able to do her makeup in a little mirror from bed during the trip. That takes some seriously steady hands to do, and if I even attempted that I’m pretty sure I would end up looking like Rachel in Friends that time Ross did her makeup. Watch out LeeAnne’s famous hands, Cary’s are coming for ya!



Cary Deuber's Heart Pajamas

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