Cary Deuber’s Makeup in Copenhagen

Real Housewives of Dallas Season 3 Episode 13 Fashion

Showing us her extensive makeup procedure, we got some secrets to Cary Deuber’s makeup in Copenhagen. The best part of it was the AMAZING backlit mirror Cary has that is portable with its cute little case. I think my mom would tell you that that’s the best investment a gal can make.

I thought the name of this episode was very funny. “Something Is Rotten In Denmark.” For those non-theatre/Shakespeare fans out there, that’s a really nerdoriffic reference to a famous Hamlet line. Copenhagen (for the Housewives who still didn’t know), is in Denmark. Copenhagen is a stunning city. Muppet creator Hans Christian Anderson is from there. They also have a really cool mermaid statute in the middle of the super clean and lovely city, but most importantly, there is a colony within Copenhagen called Christiana which basically annexed itself from the Danish government. Families live there where marijuana is entirely legal. I was there as a youngster, and weed plants growing like rose bushes and pot vending machines was so shocking to me. This was way before there was anything like that here in the US. I would be very curious to see Kam and Brandy there… I hope they go!

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Sally Steele


Cary Deuber's Makeup in Copenhagen

Ish Beauty Contour Kit

Backlit Makeup Mirror

Stila Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Eyeshadow Palette

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