I’ve had a request for some fashion advice so I’m going to throw in a little Q and A session and change things up a bit.

Q: Hi beautiful mama!

I have a blog request: I have problem and need your help! So I’ve been searching high and low for a great pair of low heeled knee high boots (who hasn’t?). My problem is that I have chicken ankles and smallish calves, so the boots are too big and make me look like I have severe cankles. HELP! Suggestions??


I want my boots before they go out of style

A: Dear Cankleless in Cali,

First of all, congrats on only looking like you have cankles, and not really having them. That alone in itself is a victory. Secondly, props to you for moving to a city where you don’t have snowpants tucked in your boots, which further supports the cankle look.

Now, let’s get down to business. Go to http://www.duoboots.com. This UK based website allows you to browse based on calf measurement and actual shoe size. The have a huge selection and have affordable AND high end boots, as well as shoes, and they ship to the US. The work with a variety of fabrics (leather, suede, pantent leather etc.), styles and colors. You can do your shoping via their website by doing a search on their site based on calf measurement and shoe size, or whip out your calling card and have an expert guide you through the fitting process by phone. Who wouldn’t feel stylish having someone with that lovely British accent helping them pick out their shoes?

Another option is buying leather boots with a little bit of stretch to them and taking them to a good cobbler (Is that what we call it this century?) and having the leather taken in around the ankles.

Hope this helps!

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