Perhaps I am getting old, but I do not get it…I turn on the TV and I hear everyone referring to Lady Gaga as some sort of fashion icon and often hear her style compared to that of Madonna in the 80’s.  I like her music and will definitely jam to some “Poker Face” in the car, but fashion icon? When asked about her unique style, she always talks about how she is just finally able to express herself with her clothing, but I think that if Hannibal Lechter had been able to express himself through fashion it may have looked very similar. Yikes! Most of the time she just scares the crap out of me. My nightmares of the 2009 MTV VMA’s aren’t of Kanye stealing Taylor Swift’s big moment, they are of Lady Gaga hanging from the ceiling with blood splattered on her costume and that freaky red lace get up that had her looking like the infamous prom scene from the movie “Carrie”

I am all about wearing what one wants and freedom of expression, but the ball stops when she is being is brought on Bravo’s “Launch My Line” to talk with the designers as some sort of fashion expert. And the Madonna comparisons? Come on!  Madonna wore a cone bra, Gaga wears a get up that looks like a lion. What’s to compare?

If anything, Rhianna should be looked at as a the creative fashion icon of the moment in the music industry. Her style compares more to Madonna as she tries new things and sports cutting edge trends that many couldn’t, and most shouldn’t, without looking like she belongs in the psych ward. She sports runway styles by Louis Vuitton and throw back looks comparable to Michael Jackson, not the Cowardly Lion. Even her hair is an updated style of Madonna’s 80’s do. She does make some mistakes, but her mistakes don’t result in small children crying.

Stick to what your good at…Gaga – Keep making hits, stop scaring the public. Rhianna – Keep making fashion statements (it got Madonna an ad campaign with D&G at age 51), stop dating Chris Brown’s. Madonna- Keep dating 23 year olds, don’t start talking in the British accent again…and we’re all good.