Original Post 2.11.2010

After receiving some emails and calls for some fashion advice, today I will tackle the topic of booty lifting denim.

Dear Big Blonde Hair Blogger,

I am wondering if you have any intel on pants or underwear that makes your butt look less flat. My butt is like a pancake, and these ginormous women called me flat a*s the other day. I seem to remember butt enhancing underwear circa J Lo, and am wondering if they work. Let me know if you have anything there!


Seeking Beyonce’s Booty

So, after some research on padded undies and Brazilian Butt Lifts, I have to say your best alternative for landing you a spot in the remake of the Baby Got Back video (It WILL happen) is adhering to a few rules to just find a good pair of jeans. This way you won’t end up looking ridiculous or having your special someone wondering where your bootylicious booty went when you drop your drawers. Also, keep in mind that these fatties were probably just hating on your fabulous a*s.

Basic Rules

  • Lycra/elastane or spandex lift
  • Wide set back pockets
  • Embellished stitching on the pockets, if you can stand it (think True Religion but more understated like for most)

A few suggestions:

This collection features a back yoke and angled rear pockets treatments, with double layer pocket top, forward shifted side seams for front slimming effect, and 2% elastic for that extra lift. Be hot like Eva! Right now order these for 25% off!

For those of you who are in to flashy and gaudy (like myself…I am still from Detroit!) these babies are perfect! Stretch denim and loads of back pocket detailing will draw everyone’s eyes to your newly lifted booty.

*Disclaimer: You may end up dating Jon Gosselin or someone from the Jersey shore if you but this style.


Features button flap pockets that are more subtle than that of True Religion, but still give the booty shaping that needs to be done. Also a cotton/elastic butt lifting blend.

I think the Hudson’s are the best bet, but if none of these are your style, just follow the basic rules and see if the denim lines you like offer jeans with those components. If you are looking to lift your booty in a dress and not denim, I swear by Spanx. Leave the butt pads (and embarrassment) at home.

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