Many of us have spent a hot minute sitting around contemplating what we can cut out of our lives to make 2010 better than 2009. Drink less, eat less, swear less, be less desperate, skip the gym less, take up less space. This is America people…lets stop figuring out what we can deprive ourselves of and figure out what ridiculous excess that can be added in to make our lives better!!! How about some sexy hair??!!! At one time, extensions were only for stars and socialites, but now quality extensions are far more affordable and accessible…And I’m not talking about the ponytails that you see hanging from the stands in the middle of the mall! 

People are sporting these all over the place, and  you probably do not even realize it. Ever noticed the infamous Rachel Uchitel’s awesome locks and undoubtedly her best quality? Extensions done at Warren Triccomi in NYC! Not to glorify the tramp, but she wasn’t getting the title as mistress to a world class athlete without those bad boys. If you think for a second your favorite Hollywood starlet with gorgeous locks isn’t sporting a weave, you’d better be-weave you’re wrong;-)!


Ray-Ray Before                            Ray-Ray After

I was turned on to these awesome additions while working at fabulous Exsalonce Salon & Spa in Roscoe Village.  I had always wanted extensions, especially for our wedding, but always thought they were way too expensive.  A lot of salons in the Gold Coast or on Michigan Ave will charge $13+ a strand (people generally get anywhere from 50-150, with a few outliers) making the cost $650 to $1950, before a 20% tip…and I have heard of celebs paying up to 5 G’s for their luscious locks. Exsalonce charges $6-$7 a strand, and uses the same, or comparable quality hair to those salons, and take less of a profit for themselves making them more affordable to the average customer (starting at around $300…pay in cash and save 5%).


BEFORE                                            AFTER         

They are an investment, but last anywhere from 4-6 months with the proper care.  If you take the time to deep condition them, sleep with them in a pony tail to avoid tangling and use the proper brush, styling and caring for them is no harder than styling your normal hair (except some added time because you have more hair!).  Afraid of them falling out?  I had 150 in my hair and never had one fall out on its own. Want to go back to your normal locks? The salon removes them with a non-damaging solution and you are back to your normal head of hair. Even if you do not want a huge head of hair, extensions can be used to add highlights without dyeing, volume on shorter styles, or save you from that bob that you thought you wanted.

These miracle makers have even aided in fixing such hot messes as:




The proof is in the pudding folks! Trust your hair with the best…set up a FREE consultation at Exsalonce Chicago (   773.327.4848. All of the stylists are trained and certified. Mention that you were referred and  a discount on your first service at the salon! It will be your best New Years Resolution to date! I’m getting mine!