Knockin’ Boots

January 7, 2010-

By Lauren

Those of us living in colder climates often find it challenging to look like a fashionista in the winter, trudging around in snowboots, huge coats, scarves and gloves with tissues hanging out of our pockets.  Over the knee boots are a great trend this season to help you stay warm and look hot during a snow storm. Some of you may be thinking that this  style should stay in Pretty Woman’s closet, but the new styles are wearable for those working 9 to 5. Designers are offering a variety of options that can even be worn casually with leggings, tights and skinny denim.  They come in leather and suede, flat, low, medium and high heels, as well of a variety of different colors, giving you enough options to figure out which style will work for you.

Check out Khloe Kardashian’s over the knee-ers  that I am sure she paid a ton for.  She is sporting them with leggings and a black sweatshirt and looks totally hot (although my husband would disagree that she is ever capable of looking totally hot).


Get an almost identical look for $82 on with Unlisted’s “Good Tuck Charm” over the knee boot.  These bad boys are awesome…I can say that with confidence because they are waiting in my closet for my first outing after I pop our kid out!


Rhianna, Hayden Pantierre and Hillary Duff all sport theirs different ways. Suede, flat and leather with a heel, they all look good! Hayden plays up the sex factor going tightless, while the other two ladies keep it more conservative and still look fantastic.

If you are looking for a flat, leather style, step into the Lucky Brand Gwyn ( This style is also a “Rachel Zoe Pick” on the site, so if you don’t trust me, trust a woman who is responsible for styling a laundry list of high profile celebs!



If suede is your thing, try the Chinese Laundry over the knee “Trippin” boot (, available in black or grey suede for less than $80!!!


As long as you stay away from this you’re good to go! So run to your closet, push aside the Fuggs, and make room for this fantastic trend, if you haven’t already!

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