Kelly Ripa’s Black and Gold Plaid Dress

Live with Kelly and Ryan September 20, 2018 Fashion

Kelly Ripa’s black and gold plaid dress is so cute and gearing up for fall! Kelly and Ryan talked about those really super annoying robot calls that have now plagued our cell phones. Specifically, the ones that start with the same first few numbers as your phone. I don’t know who thought of that, but I admit it’s clever.

These calls are getting out of hand. Apparently robo calls will soon be the majority of calls you get on your cell. My mom got so fed up with those calls to her house that my dad bought this gadget on Amazon called “call blocker” that’s literally a big red button you press when someone you don’t want to call you calls, and the gadget filters the calls (I added the link below for those of you in that boat). I know it works because they once accidentally blocked me and I couldn’t call my parents for a few days until we figured it out. It was a funny not funny kind of thing!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Kelly Ripa's Black and Gold Plaid Dress

Kelly’s Veronica Beard Dress is Sold Out at Veronica Beard

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