Abby Huntsman’s Striped Tie Neck Top

The View September 20, 2018 Fashion

I have always loved this layered look, and Abby Huntsman’s striped tie neck top under a grey sweater would only have been cuter if she tied up the bow. I think that look is professional and comfortable!

The amazing and adorable Kelly Clarkson was on today and she just makes my heart melt. Abby and Kelly talked about TeePeeing houses, which Joy had never heard of. We used to do it, but I was such a goodie goodie that I tried one throw and then ran away ashamed of what I had done. My head went “What a waste of TP!” and “What if it rains and these people have to clean it up?!” and of course, “what if we get caught?!” Let me tell ya, I still am the same gal as I always was.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Abby Huntsman's Striped Tie Neck Top

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Layered Under a Grey Peplum Sweater

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