Kelsey Peters’ Red and Black Chiffon Dress on Younger

Season 4 Episode 1 Fashion

I looveKelsey Peters’ red and black chiffon dress on Younger. Being a Younger virgin (where has this show been all my life!?), I immediately recognized Hilary Duff’s printed dress. This dress has been on my radar over the last year as the price was reduced into oblivion. It is mostly sold out but there are very limited sizes available. The designer often repeats patterns and styles so fear not, we have some style stealers coming your way!

So, (spoiler alert) considering the fact that Kelsey moved in with Liza’s ex on the first episode is telling me that this show gets pretty juicy. I have to binge from the beginning but I picked up pretty quickly and cannot wait for more (of the story and the fashion). And the best part is that in researching this item, Hilary Duff has actually been photographed wearing it several times, with her hot gams strutting her stuff!

Keep it Real (or scripted),

Sally Steele

Kelsey Peters' Red and Black Chiffon Dress on Younger

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