Kelsey Peters’ Ruched Button Down Blue Dress

Season 4 Episode 1 Younger Fashion

Like a mullet, Kelsey Peters’ ruched button down blue dress on Younger this week was a little business, a little party. This is the perfect dress to wear from work to happy hour. And while Hilary Duff’s amazing curves fit in this dress perfectly, the ruching and front tie help in that department as well. My little Lizzie McGuire is all grown up and looking HOT.

If you’ve read my other posts from today, you’re sick of hearing about the fact that I am just now getting into Younger. But I am. And I love it. I love the concept and I love the clothes and I am mad at all of you for not telling me about it sooner. I mean, there’s a slight suspension of disbelief with the age thing. But as a sci-fi nerd I’m cool with that. As for the dress, it’s a little steeply priced but it will carry you farther than a lie about your age and is worth it. All of this designer’s stuff lately has been elevated work wear that will stand out

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Kelsey Peters' Ruched Button Down Blue Dress

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