Kristin Cavallari’s White and Gray Curtains

March 24, 2019-

By Chelsie Shackelford

Kristin Cavallari’s White and Gray Curtains at Uncommon James

Very Cavallari Season 2 Episode 3 Decor

Shipping at the Uncommon James headquarters sounds like a total mess right now, yikes. The typical growing pains of a business seem amplified when there’s a celeb face on the brand and the team is feeling it. Good thing for us (and maybe not for the UJ teams) boss babe Kristin Cavallari is a shipping superstar and knows what it takes to get it done right. And at least Kristin Cavallari picked out the perfect white and grey curtains to block at least some of the shade being thrown around there during these high stress times.

It’s super admirable that Kristin has grown her empire so fast and a nice reminder that she and her husband, Jay Cutler, were doing all the shipping not too long ago. I’m not sure that makes the Uncommon James shipping team feel better but at least they get to work in a cool space with these white and gray marble—or bark if you ask the designer— look curtains. I mean, when was the last time you saw such gorgeous curtains in a shipping facility?! My bedroom facility is totally jealous.

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Kristin Cavallari’s Gray Curtains at Uncommon James

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  1. kevin says

    Don’t you think those white and Grey curtians would better be set off if they were to go against a wall with some character? Maybe put a green stripe to border the curtians or mathc the bark design on those white cinder block walls. what do you think Chelsie?

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