Nene Leakes’ Fendi Poncho Talking to Greg

Season 11 Episode 19 Real Housewives of Atlanta Fashion

While Nene Leakes is having relationship issues with Greg during this tough time for them, we couldn’t help but notice her Fendi poncho that we saw earlier this season on her pal Marlo Hampton. This poncho is pricey and I don’t always believe in buying super expensive clothing if you’re not rolling in dough, but to me this is a good investment piece because the logo and colors are a classic representation of the brand (click here to read more about it’s history, it’s very it is interesting) and it’s a great piece for travel or to cover up with on a cold day.

So ultimately while Nene and Greg may be having issues right now, but I have a feeling she’ll always have a Fendi friend in Marlo—and her cool cape.

The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair

Marlo Hamptons Fendi Poncho

Nene Leakes' Fendi Poncho

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